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Trade up your tech

Get immediate credit for your old devices

It’s easy!

Tech Store employee helping a customer

Option 1: In-Store

  1. Bring your used device to the Computer Sciences DoIT Tech Store. We will walk you through the online estimator and evaluate your device’s condition.
  2. Upon acceptance, you will immediately receive a DoIT Tech Store gift card.

Option 2: Get a Quote

  1. Use our trade-in quote estimator. Provide an accurate description of your device’s condition. We will verify its condition in the store.
  2. Provide your contact information and review the program conditions to receive your email quote.
  3. Bring your email quote and device to the DoIT Tech Store to confirm your device and receive a DoIT Tech Store gift card.
College student using a laptop computer.

Good to know

  • This program currently accepts MacBooks, iMacs, iPods and iPads. Also accepted are tablets by Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft.
  • Your gift card can be used toward the purchase of anything at the DoIT Tech Store.
  • Submitting a quote request does not obligate you to accept the trade-in offer. This simply generates an offer confirmation email, which you can review at your leisure.
  • Even broken devices may have value! If not, we also offer electronics recycling service.
  • You must wipe all personal data from your device(s) prior to trade-in. Instructions for removing your Apple device from iCloud are provided as part of the quote process.
  • This program is intended for personally-owned devices. For information on disposal of university-owned technology, please visit the SWAP site.
  • Need more info? See the DoIT Tech Store Trade-in Program FAQs or send us your questions to info@doit.wisc.edu.