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Payroll deduction

Getting new tech is easier than ever before

Payroll deduction

Step 1 Find Your Tech

Come in to any of the three DoIT Tech Store locations and select your tech gear.

Our consultants are on-hand to help you.

Step 2 Verify Eligibility

At checkout, let the consultant know that you wish to use Payroll Deduction.

We will need your WisCard to verify eligibility, and will have you complete our Payroll Deduction form.

Step 3 Complete Purchase

Once you are confirmed, we will process your order.

Campus requires a $25 transaction fee.

We ask for at least a 10 percent deposit on the purchase, with the remaining balance deducted per your payment schedule.

At that point you can start using your tech!

Keep in mind...

  • Payroll Deduction enrollment requires a minimum purchase of $400 (including tax).
  • A down payment of at least 10% is required.
  • Purchases can be any dollar amount above $400, but the maximum one can pay via Payroll Deduction cannot exceed $2,500.
  • It is your choice whether to pay off your purchase in six or twelve months.
  • Employees paid bi-weekly will have their monthly payment withdrawn from their second monthly paycheck.
  • Items purchased with Payroll Deduction cannot be refunded. Defective products may be exchanged.
  • You may not make additional purchases with Payroll Deduction if you have a current Payroll Deduction balance.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Program Details

Who can use payroll deduction?
Most current UW-Madison faculty and staff can purchase via payroll deduction. Temporary, limited-term, LTE and retired faculty and staff are not eligible for payroll deduction. Student employees are not eligible. You may not be eligible if you have an end-dated appointment; we can check this for you.

Are there minimum or maximum amounts allowed?
Yes. The minimum allowable purchase for payroll deduction is $400. There is no upper limit on purchase amount, as long as the balance due via payroll deduction does not exceed $2,500.

Is a down payment required?
Yes, a minimum down payment of 10% of the total purchase price is due at the time of purchase. You may pay more than the minimum down payment on a purchase if you wish.

How do I make a down payment?
The down payment is collected at the time your order is placed. Down payments must be paid by credit card, debit card, cash or check. You can elect to pay as much down as you choose, as long as you meet the minimum requirement.

How are payments structured?
Payment balance after down payment will be deducted over either a 6-month or 12-month period. For bi-weekly employees, payments are taken from the second paycheck of the month. The balance due to the DoIT Tech Store cannot exceed $2500.

Can I pay off my payroll deduction balance early?
Payroll deductions may only be paid off earlier than stated in an active contract under special circumstances. Please contact our Business Manager at (608) 264-3648 to discuss options.

Are there any restrictions?
Yes. There are several other caveats each buyer should consider:

  • There are NO RETURNS unless an item is defective. In most cases, products will be exchanged but not refunded.
  • Products purchased from the DoIT Tech Store are for personal use only. It is a violation of university rules to sell to another party within two years.
  • Payment amounts may not be adjusted at a later date, even if prices change due to sales or special offers.
  • Customers may not have more than one payroll deduction contract active with the DoIT Tech Store at a time.
  • Payroll deduction may not be used to pay for computer service or labor costs.

Requests & Approval

What does the payroll deduction approval process entail?
By approving customers for payroll deduction, The DoIT Tech Store has only verified your employment status with the University of Wisconsin – Madison and the eligibility of your compensation package*. Please note that salary data is never accessed and is therefore never a consideration in the approval process. Customers are responsible for determining if their paycheck can support the monthly deduction amount.

*Some types of compensation, such as grants and stipends, are not eligible for payroll deduction.

Must I request payroll deduction in person at the DoIT Tech Store, or can I conduct this transaction online?
Due to employee verification requirements, you will need to come into the DoIT Tech Store to purchase and enroll in the Payroll Deduction program.

Under what circumstances would a payroll deduction request be denied?
We reserve the right to deny a payroll deduction contract to any customer who has:

  • Not met all eligibility requirements
  • not met his/her payment obligations to the DoIT Tech Store in the past
  • provided us with false or misleading employment information
  • violated university rules regarding the resale of DoIT Tech Store products
  • already has an open payroll deduction contract with the DoIT Tech Store
  • created exceptional demands on DoIT Tech Store staff with regard to billing, returns, etc.

Completing Your Purchase

What do I need to do to complete a purchase?
Show your current WisCard and sign the payroll deduction contract. Down payment must be paid by credit card, cash or check.

What happens if I leave my job before the payment schedule is complete?
You are still responsible for the amount owed to the DoIT Tech Store. Final paychecks will not necessarily deduct the remaining balance on your payment schedule. Please contact our Business Manager at (608) 264-3648 to arrange for final payment. Note that products purchased via payroll deduction remain the property of the University of Wisconsin–Madison until paid in full. Products sold are subject to university rules; violations may result in personnel or criminal actions.